Fiona Glenanne

Posted: June 18, 2008 in IRA, Sexed-Up Killer Fembots, Spy Dames We Wish Were Real, Tradecraft
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If you’re not watching “Burn Notice” you best get to it. Gabrielle Anwar as a former IRA guerilla who specializes in bomb making and selling light weaponry on the side makes me all weepy for The Old Sod.

Season 1, Episode 3: Fiona is guarding a witness to a crime when she receives a phone call that a hit squad is on the way over. While her man friend on the other end of the line is all fretful, Fiona calmly cuts him off, asks her hostess for the location of the liquor cabinet, and then proceeds to rain Hell-Fire (of the Molotov-Cocktail variety) down upon the would-be assassins. Ah…good times.

So what if her Irish accent floats in and out with the breeze? Aside from Killer-Fembottery, the girl’s got tradecraft. She can pick a pocket and perform a brush pass like Ginger Rogers performs a waltz. Of course, who wouldn’t notice her on a stake out, but whatever, she knows her weapons and can cook up a tasty bomb in under 20 minutes.

What keeps Fiona fresh is the tight rope the character walks. In one scene, she’s headbutting the local drug dealer, in the another, she’s cooking up Grandma’s secret recipe for pseudo-C4. But to me, Fiona is never more interesting than when she’s performing what most people assume is the drudge work of spying.

Word of warning though, this is one feisty Irish woman (is there any other kind?), best stay on her good side.

  1. […] Because we’ve now got two seasons of Burn Notice under our belts and because, also, I am devoting this month’s entries to ladies of the trade of Irish descent, I think it’s time to re-visit our old friend Fiona Glenanne. […]

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