Irina Derevko

Posted: June 18, 2008 in Sexed-Up Killer Fembots, Spy Dames We Wish Were Real

It’s a toss up for me as to whether I like Irina or Sidney better on TV’s “ALIAS”, but since Sidney came first with the teeth thing, Irina has to settle for second.

The terrifically eeeeevil Irina Derevko, a KGB spy and Sidney’s mammasita, was all trouble and no brownies. First she’s dead, then she’s a alive, now she’s a CIA asset, next she’s a the head of the nefarious criminal organization, then she’s dead again, but, wait for it, oops! She’s alive! My bad…

No tradecraft to speak of, but the role is fun nonetheless. It was a little more than ridiculous what the writers of the show did with Irina’s character, but when you have someone like actress Lena Olin working it (see the movie “Romeo is Bleeding“), you can pretty much get away with her being anything short of being a cyborg.

So is there any element of truth to Irina? Possibly. The character of Irina is presented as a sleeper cell, an agent under deep cover who stays inactive until such time they are made operational. They live a normal life within their target environment and under the the best circumstances, can do so for many years. This type of sleeper cell has been covered in movies such “Little Nikita” and “No Way Out”.

Irina’s target was Sidney’s CIA daddy, Jack Bristow. Irina married him, had little Sidney, became operational, and once she under threat of being discovered, fakes her own death and disappears when Sidney is a child only to return many moons later.

What ensues in the series, of course, is whole big bunch of nonsense, but hey, it was fun while it lasted. And I did so enjoy the Sidney/Irina Death Match Battle Royale at the end of the series. Very Luke/Darth Vader in nature, only Irina never comes over from the Dark side…

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