Oh, come on! You loved it. You know you did. The battle royale in the kitchen alone was worth the price of admission. What Angelina Jolie in “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” did for rock ’em-sock ’em-playing-with-the-boys is like what peanut butter did for jelly. Just admit it already and we’ll all get along just fine.

Let’s start off on the right foot here: killing does not equal spying just as spying does not (necessarily) equal killing. The media representation of death being the first order of business when it comes to intelligence is false. I think it’s also worth pointing out that being a female spy does not automatically equate to being a sexed-up killer fembot, no matter what TV and film have to say about it.

So let’s make this our jumping off point. Angie plays Jane Smith. She’s basically a professional hit-woman. She works for an “agency” that is never identified. Is it government? Is it other? Who knows. The movie is a whole big ball of silly string that I’m not going to unravel with analyses except to say labeling an assassin a spy is not necessarily correct. But the movie is fun and I like Angie in it because this is a chick who isn’t afraid of breaking a nail. Seriously, those fight scenes, dammnnn…

But here is the thing to take away from this film from an intelligence perspective: it takes a village. And by “village” I mean a competent and well-honed team of persons who have your back. Jane Smith receives the best intel she can find with best people she can hire. This Agent doesn’t believe in the Lone Wolf. Every Agent needs back-up.


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