Julia Child

Posted: June 24, 2008 in OSS, Technology, Whom You Least Suspect, WWII
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Aside from her incredible life of writing fabulous cookbooks, hosting a much-beloved cooking show on TV, and introducing everyday American schmoes to the lush and wonderful world of French Cuisine, a little known fact about Julia Child (1912-2004) is that she worked for the OSS during WWII. Being too tall for the Navy at a whopping 6’3, Julia opted instead to work for “Wild Bill” Donovan in the Secret Intelligence Division.

Instead of cooking up coq au vin, Julia cooked up shark repellent. Co-invented actually. The fishies were doing a bang-up job of detonating underwater mines before our enemies could happen by. Enter our gal.

Interestingly enough, Julia, at the time, couldn’t cook at all. It wasn’t until she was out of the service, married, and her husband took a job in Paris that Mrs. Child learned to roast a chicken.


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