Axis Sally

Posted: June 29, 2008 in Skirts Who are a Problem, Treason, WWII
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Another case where a broad gets labeled a spy when, really, she’s just a propogandist, that is to say, a chick who talks smack. Portland, Maine native, Mildred Gillars (1900-1988), while studying overseas in Germany prior to WWII, was duped recruited by a professor with whom she was involved, and became the voice of propaganda as “Axis Sally” on Radio Berlin. And boy, could girlfriend spin a yarn.

“Good morning Yankees. This is Axis Sally with the tunes that you like to hear and a warm welcome from radio Berlin. I note that the 461st is en route this morning to Linz where you will receive a warm welcome. By the way, Sgt. Robert Smith, you remember Bill Jones, the guy with the flashy convertible who always had an eye for your wife Annabelle. Well, they have been seen together frequently over the past few months and last week he moved in with her. Let’s take a break here and listen to some of Glen Miller.”

After the war, Sister Sally was hauled back to American soil where she convicted of treason and served 13 years in prison. Mildred Gillars became a music teacher (and a German tutor to former co-worker of this Agent) at a Catholic girls’ school in Ohio until her death in 1988.


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