Pamela Landy

Posted: July 2, 2008 in CIA, National Security, Spy Dames We Wish Were Real, Tradecraft

I’ve always had a soft spot for Jason Bourne, ever since that 26 hours I spent rained in at Chicago O’Hare airport with nothing but a sweater and a dog-eared copy of the Robert Ludlow book. So when the films came out, I was first in line.

CIA Agent, Pamela Landy, appears in the second installment of the Bourne movie trilogy, “The Bourne Supremacy”. A CIA investigation of an agent murdered in Berlin brings Landy hot on the tail of a framed Bourne. While the character of Landy is subordinate at best, only an actress of Joan Allen’s skill can make her such a dominate force. Landy is tough, decisive and unrelenting. Her methodical search for Bourne hints that nothing short of actual death, and by this, I mean either Landy’s or Bourne’s, is going to end this cat and mouse game.

Landy presents an important and overlooked aspect of the intelligence process: management. I know, yawn, how interesting. But when you have a team tasked with an enormous problem, you need a leader to delegate, to make the hard calls, to decide the direction, and to make sure everyone stays focused. And of course, the thanks these managers often get is their hiney in a sling when things go wrong. This makes an intelligence manager not all that different from a project manager at a construction company, or an account manager at an advertising agency. Apply whatever industry you want, it relates.

The star of the show is definitely Bourne, but if you pay attention, Landy will draw you in. The quiet ferocity with which Landy pursues her quarry is nothing short of chilling. Landy is certainly one broad who can put a dent in your day.


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