Catherine Banning

Posted: July 3, 2008 in Hired Guns, Spy Dames We Wish Were Real, Tradecraft
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Departing the National Security realm, we get to paddle a bit in the law-enforcement pool. The 1999 remake of the “The Thomas Crown Affair” stars Rene Russo as an insurance investigator working with local police to recover a $100 million stolen painting.

I like the tradecraft in this film. We get to see MASINT, IMINT, OSINT, and all sorts of Hollywood “HUMINT” that would not be appropriate for certain audiences.

See Catherine perform a brush-pass. See Catherine use Open Source to narrow down a field of possible suspects. See Catherine interrogate a prisoner and scare/seduce the ever livin’ beejeebers out him in German.

Fun stuff, but Catherine makes the fatal error of getting involved with her target. Not a good thing this makes. But I like her nonetheless. She uses her wiles, her brains, and imagination to think outside the proverbial box and in the end, she gets her painting and her man (and yes, I know, it’s Pierce Brosnan), but somehow, I could have done with Catherine not getting her man.

Catherine is a gun for hire. She says as much herself and on a certain level, I think to be truly successful in her business, you have to be a bit of loner. You have to hold yourself apart. Catherine fails that on this case, which makes for a fun movie, but bad business.


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