Dana Scully

Posted: July 8, 2008 in FBI, Methodology, Spy Dames We Wish Were Real, Technology, Tradecraft

Oh, what’s not to totally dig about TV’s “X-Files” FBI Special Agent, Dr. Dana Scully? The logical foil to Fox Mulder, she’s has to be the brainiest broad ever to ever to hit the small screen. But what I truly love about this character is her strict attention to method: The Scientific Method.

While Mulder is off ruminating about conspiracy theories that threaten to overrun the investigation like a whirling mass of entropy, his gal Scully is always there to talk him back down from the ledge with a scientific explanation for everything.

Intelligence analysis relies on good logic and proper methodology. Whether that is Inductive, Deductive, Abductive, or the uber-tricky Scientific Method, if poor logic is employed, the methodology, no matter how good it is, falls apart.

So Alien infiltration of the government via killer bees from outer space aside, suspend your disbelief and listen Dr. Scully. This dame’s got an answer for it all.

Mulder? Mulder?

  1. […] I think Abby is the quirky, overachieving love-child-gone-wrong of X-Files residents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully…who also got kicked out of reform school…and single handedly supports the local tattoo […]

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