Isabelle Cheng (1970-), aka Chang Nian-Tzu, embroiled herself in a serious brouhaha here in the US four years ago when the US Department of State discovered that one of our own, Donald Keyser, was involved in a tryst with Cheng who is a Taiwanese Spy Dame.

The details aren’t terribly clear but what we do know is that Keyser made unauthorized trips to Taiwan, removed classified documents from his office, and although he claims he didn’t pass them around, the FBI caught Keyser on film in 2004 exchanging documents with Cheng a number of times at various restaurant locations.

Cheng, of course, immediately hot-tailed it back to Taiwan and the Taiwanese have done a bang-up job of concealing her whereabouts.

Cheng did however peek her head out for an interview last year when she tearfully claimed that the affair with Keyser was so terribly innocent and really just a misunderstanding. Because “no one gathers intelligence like that these days”. Except of course, maybe, her. “And the relationship was not intended to elicit information”.

So let me see if I have this straight:

A perky, 33 year old, female, Taiwanese Intel Agent has an illicit affair with a 62 year old, State Department Official.

Said Official makes unsanctioned trips to Minx’s homeland.

Same Official also hands over numerous classified documents to said same Minx .

Official gets busted and Minx heads for the Motherland where she is now in hiding.

But it’s all totally innocent. Really.

Yeah, I believe the broad. You?


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