Marlene Dietrich

Posted: August 7, 2008 in Spy Dames We Wish Were Real, WWII

Marlene Dietrich (1901-1992): not a spy.

Famous movie actress, known for portraying spies on screen, Dietrich has had the girl-spy myth floating around her head forever now, so let’s be absolutely clear on this: a USO Dolly does not a spy-girl make.

Not that she didn’t offer her services, but then that’s a whole other bag of hairpins.

Seems that Dietrich was not a fan of the Nazis and took up US citizenship in 1939 shortly after Hitler came to power. Dame Dietrich did however volunteer to report to the US Government any incidents of “subversive activities” she witnessed in the US Army while she performed for the troops in Europe and Northern Africa.

Hmmmmm. Reporting on subversive activities? Maybe she meant well, but that sounds a little too Joe McCarthy for this Agent. But while there seems to be no evidence that Dietrich was taken up on her offer, there does exist evidence that the FBI had her under surveillance until after the war.

Despite Dietrich’s flirtation with the dark-side, since she didn’t actually get to do anything, I’ll give the broad some credit for entertaining the troops and coming dangerously close to German lines in the process.

This Agent is willing to write off Dietrich’s previous offer as a bit of misguidance due to her overwhelming enthusiasm for becoming an American citizen, that and her kick-ass performance in the 1931 classic “Dishonored”.


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