Kelly Warren (1966-), part of the Clyde Lee Conrad US Army spy-ring, was convicted of consipiracy to commit espionage and sentenced to 25 years in prison in 1999.

Clyde Lee Conrad was a sergeant in the Army serving in Germany during the final days of the Cold War. He, along with 3 other Army personnel, including Army Private Kelly Warren, a clerk with access to top-secret documents also serving in Germany, sold NATO defense plans of Western Europe should the Soviets decide to invade. The happy recipients of this intel were Hungarian Intelligence Officials.

Not much is known about Warren except that she is from Georgia, served in Germany from 1986-1988, and it is assumed that due to her extremely low pay, Warren was induced, monetarily, to join the ring. She wasn’t nabbed until 1997 and it took until 1999 to finalize her conviction. Cohort Conrad died in prison of a heart-attack in 1998.

Kelly Warren has earned a special distinction in the case. Usually, those nabbed for espionage are middle-aged white gents. Warren is the first female in the military to ever be convicted of espionage. Her reward for such an honor is likely to be serving a full sentence and will not be released until 2024, at the age of 57.

  1. rere0213 says:

    You do not know her! no one knows what was going through her mind when she did what she did! Please do not judge people that you do not know! So many people do wrong things that if they could go back and change they would never ever have done it if they were thinking clearly! Kelly Warren is a good person despite this! one bad decision has ruined her and her daughter’s life, I don not believe she clearly knew what she was doing!

  2. girlspy says:

    You are correct I don’t know Warren, but I do unfortunately know of her actions, which I am judging. She sold top-secret information for money. I don’t doubt her motivations could be tragic in nature, but it does not excuse the fact that she committed treason.

    We are judged by our actions. Warren has been judged by hers. And let’s be clear here: this wasn’t just one bad decision, this was series of bad decisions. Every time she passed along a document, and there many, that was an individual choice. I’m sure as hell Warren is certainly sorry for them now, but this is of course after she was caught.

    I believe Warren could be a good person, no one is saying otherwise, but saying she might not have known what she was doing is patently false. Anyone who has gone through Top Secret Clearance procedure absolutely knows what is right and what treason.

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