Tzipi Livni

Posted: September 17, 2008 in Hired Guns, Israel, Mossad

Interesting news coming out of the Holy Land, one in the form that the current Foreign Minister of Israel, and likely future Prime Minister of the Land, is a former Mossad Agent.

Tzipi Livni (1958-) is the daughter of militant Israeli activists (both parents were arrested at one time or another for terrorism). After serving compulsory military time and one year of law school, Livni joined the Mossad, Israel’s foreign intelligence agency.

Details of her service are not known, but we do know Livni spent significant time in Europe and not behind a desk during the 1980’s when Mossad agents were tracking down Arab terrorists throughout the continent.

Unlike her parents, Livni supports the creation of the Palestinian state and Israeli withdraw from the West Bank, but she does not support Israel surrendering the Golan Heights. She takes a very tough stance on Syria and Iran and has stated on several occasions that Iran must not be allowed to become nuclear.

With polls showing Livni being preferred 2 to 1 over her opponent, it’s looking like Israel will be getting a new “Iron Lady”. This Agent also thinks that maybe her opponents best stop fussing over her “lack” of military experience.

  1. subadei says:

    The Israeli’s are “once bitten twice shy” on military experience following Olmert’s bumbling adventures in Lebanon two years ago. As for this lady however, I have a hard time envisioning her making similar mistakes.

  2. girlspy says:

    I agree. She looks like she could kick in a wall (as well as some teeth…politically speaking).

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