Posted: October 16, 2008 in Espionage, Hired Guns, Skirts Who are a Problem, Undercover

Time to get Biblical! I’ve said forever that the dames have a long and honored history of espionage and depending on what you believe, this story is either true or it is not. Either way, it’s a grand and ancient tale of a broad performing intelligence related activities.

So what does a Biblical gal like Delilah teach you about intelligence gathering? Well, as this Agent’s mama always said: you gotta get a man on the rug before you pull it out from under him…

Delilah of the Old Testament was from the valley of Sorek. The Philistines at the time were having some trouble with a young rapscallion named Samson and they approached lady Delilah about getting the inside info on the secret of Samson’s super-human strength. They figured (rightly) that Delilah was Samson’s sort of gal and under the “right circumstances” this gal could get the scoop they previously had been denied.

So as we know, Delilah took the cash and set about enticing Samson. But it wasn’t as easy as all that. Samson didn’t give up the goods right away and fibbed to Delilah a number of times before finally revealing the truth that his strength was in his hair.

Now as any woman know, good hair is in fact the key to a happy life. I know, I know, how anti-feminist of me, but I dare say, every man, woman, and child utilizes the tools they have available to them and I am at no loss for stories of how some guys go ga-ga-gooey over hair. Believe you me hair is a weapon. Anyhoo-so Delilah was inclined to believe this last tale and called in the guards to shave Samson’s head while he slept in her lair.

The Philistines took it a little far in that they also gouged out Samson’s eyes and made him a slave for ridicule. But Samson’s hair grows back, he regains his strength, pulls down a temple crushing a whole mess of Philistines and thus, Biblical history is made.

And what became of Delilah? With the exception of her name becoming synonymous with temptation and seduction, the dudes who wrote the book (in typical fashion) left out what became of the broad.

And this agent rather enjoys the fact fact that inventor/actress Hedy Lamarr stared as the little minx in the 1949 film “Samson and Delilah”. Rather ironic, wouldn’t you say?


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