Bond Babes Part Deux

Posted: December 3, 2008 in Kitsch, Skirts Who are a Problem, Spy Dames We Wish Were Real
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Since the new 007 film, Quantum of Solace, opened during finals it took me sometime to properly recover to see the movie in my right mind. Having seen the latest installment, it’s time to re-visit an old topic: Bond Girls.

camilleOh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, where to begin? Let’s start with Camille, the supposed Bolivian beauty seeking revenge on the man who killed her parents. Do I really need to comment on the fact that a very obvious looking Eastern European actress with a visible Russian accent bleeding through her obviously tortured Bolivian accent was a little much at times? After 2006’s Casino Royale, I thought that Bond films had taken a turn and would at least attempt to flesh-out (pardon the pun) the female characters a bit more. But alas, tis not meant to be. Don’t get me wrong, I dig the idea of unrequited revenge as a theme, but without sufficient build-up of a back story, the character rings hollow.

sfThat’s Bond Babe #1, dare I venture an opinion on Bond Babe #2? “Strawberry Fields”? Consular agent? Are you kidding me? This saucy 1960’s throw-back of monikers is overdone and, frankly that character doesn’t even deserve a critique, so I’m moving on. Enough said.

imagesDame Judi Dench, however, ever deepens my undying loyalty in the role of ‘M’. love. her. I want this broad masterminding my intel agency once I become Dictator of my own nation (small country, manageable, an island preferably, benevolent of course).

The general movie revolves around Bond going rogue which is some fun stuff to gab about, but that discussion will unfortunately be left to another blog.

We only discuss the dames here.

  1. I would hereby like to formally bring to a vote the acceptance and return of the moniker “Dame” to be used in reference to a woman possessing class and panache.

    If the vote goes in my favor, I’d like to approach the panel with the proposition of reinstating “gams” into the vernacular.

    -Turkish “Spade” Prawn

  2. girlspy says:

    I shall make you my Minister of Words once I am properly installed in my Dictatorship.

  3. […] Vesper Lynn was a new twist in the martini that is the Bond World Babes, that the franchise’s rethinking the way it saw women is the shaker, and how the reinvention of “M” was a much welcomed […]

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