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Posted: January 14, 2009 in CIA

…but definitely off subject, I was more than a little appalled when clicking through my backlog of RSS feeds, I came across this little gem of an article in the Washington Post that reports how the CIA is providing Afghan warlords with Viagra.

Given that Afghanistan is definitely on the list of “Places in the World Where it Sucks to Be a Dame”, I have some pretty strong feelings about this little piece of news.

imagesFirst, operatives playing doctor in the form of handing out pharmaceuticals seems like a pretty risky proposition. The side effects of Viagra, especially in men over the age of 60, can be pretty serious, and there’s nothing like an upset Afghan warlord who suffered temporary blindness as a side effect, and hence, believes you are out to kill him, and hence, will not be of aid to you, and as such, really wishes to see you not breathe ever again, to ruin your day, not to mention, your mission.

But of course, in the grand tradition of personal politics not coinciding with geopolitics, for a harem of women (as is customary in the tribal regions) with limited to no rights in their country, home, or marriage arrangements, an aging warlord husband who can’t perform has gotta be something of a relief…sweet, sweet relief. So to have said aging warlord back in play would not endear me to America if I were a dame there. Of course, maybe said aging, and now randy, warlord might go out and “procure” himself a sweet young thing which is equally revolting.

And yeah, I understand the whole argument of picking the most important battle first, but the problem in a place like Afghanistan is that first battle is never-ending, so the typical and invisible casualties of war, which are almost invariably women, get kicked to the permanent back burner.

So, sigh, such is life, which as we know, sometimes sucks, and definitely sucks for some more than others.

But maybe this whole news story wouldn’t have rankled so much had the author not written the piece with such obvious glee.


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