Crowdsourcing 2.0

Posted: April 1, 2009 in Don't Mess with this Dame, Technology
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We’ve all heard the stories of police using Facebook to solve crimes but I love this story of how an Average Jane, or in this case, Mary Chapman of Brunswick, Georgia, used her Facebook community in her community to track down the man who broke into her husband’s truck.

As a student I tend to think of Crowdsourcing in only a professional context so to see it at work in real life is a bit of a treat.

I also like how this case brings in to contrast active and passive knowledge. Typical crowdsourcing in Intel is very much an active request request received by one is actively engaged in the subject matter. The twist in this story is that Mary Chapman actively sought out information regarding the crime and the story was then passed around. Someone in the community passively catching up on their Facebook page stumbles upon this story and discovers that, hey, they might know something about it.

Part luck, part good timing, part miracle of modern technology.

I love a story where the damsel in distress saves herself…better than any fairytale that’s for damn sure.


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