Kate Beckett “Castle”

Posted: May 3, 2010 in Don't Mess with this Dame, law enforcement

“We conduct the investigation based on the evidence we have, not on the evidence we need.”

Stana Katic stars as Kate Beckett, a no-nonsense homicide detective and muse for crime novelist Richard Castle on the show of the same name.

Beckett, of course, has a past of the murdered-mother variety that drives her in her work. She’s tough, successful, easy on the eyes naturally, and her career is on an upward trajectory. She loves her white board to work out crimes, she respects her competent team, and she thrives on maintaining tight control as a good manager of homicide investigations unit.

Enter Castle.

He drives her to the brink of insanity with his snarky, teenage boy shenanigans, but Beckett endures it because she appreciates his outside the box thinking. And even though you can almost feel through the television screen how badly she just wants to shoot him in the foot when he goes off into the proverbial ether with his wild theories, she holds back. She does this not just because he is usually right, but because he is a like-minded sounding board.

Good partnerships are a tricky thing. They are unpredictable and can often occur where and with whom you’d least expect. Beckett’s partnership with Castle works because they provoke each other constantly. And provocation can be a powerful inspiration. Beckett’s constant critique of Castle’s theories forces her to constantly re-examine her 0wn. And of course, all of this goes to show you don’t have to like someone to learn something from them.

Oh, Beckett likes Castle just fine. Don’t you worry. Although there’s an argument to be made about how serious women could truly be attracted to a man-child of Nathan Fillion‘s stature (but we do, I blame it on Fireflylove.him.), this is TV, afterall, and Castle is merely following in the footsteps of great investigative partnerships such as Moonlighting, Heart to Heart, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, McMillan & Wife, etc….

I think what sets Castle apart is the believability of Beckett. You can see this character in real life solving a murder. You want this character in real life solving murders.


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